Li-Tec Battery GmbH was founded in 2006 to advance the development of battery cell technology for automotive and industrial applications. Since 2016 the wholly owned Daimler AG subsidiary has focused on researching and developing new energy storage technologies.

Along the value chain for drive-system batteries with lithium-ion technology, the two most important components are at Daimler AG's disposal in Kamenz: the research and development of battery cells by Li-Tec and the related development and production of highly complex drive-system batteries as a combination of cells and battery electronics by the adjacent affiliate company Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE GmbH & Co. KG. By pooling these key areas of expertise at the integrated Kamenzlocation, both companies play a crucial role in bringing electromobilityto the road.

Li-Tec, an ISO 9001-certified company, currently employs around 30 researchers from all disciplines to work on the development of the next generation of high-performance battery cells.

Site – Kamenz in Saxony

Site – Kamenzin Saxony

At the Kamenzsite Li-Tec acts as a research company for Daimler AG. A team of around 30 specialists is working here on the development of new battery cells. The integrated location allows cell concepts to be tested in modules and batteries by the neighbouring affiliate company Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE.

Li-Tec has one of the most cutting-edge research environments for lithium cells in Europe. The research facilities include a dry room that covers around 500 m², several analytical laboratories, formation areas and laboratories for process development.



  • We want our customers to be impressed by our reliability.
  • Our services must always meet the expectations and needs of our customers to their full satisfaction.
  • Continuously improving our processes strengthens our technological and economic position.
  • We believe that quality is the cornerstone of a successful business operation. And this extends to our research products and our working methods.
  • We are developing the energy storage technologies of the future, increasing energy density and reducing costs while maintaining high levels of safety and durability.


Franz Nietfeld

Franz Nietfeld

has been an executive director of the company since May 2018 and is responsible for research and development as well as human resources.

Stefanie Choritz

Stefanie Choritz

has been an executive director of the company since April 2020 and is responsible for finance.